Atelier Full Spectrum Flow avec Alex Perez

Join Alex in his signature vinyasa introduction. As we open every channel and dissolve resistance in the body, we allow the feeling of wholeness to take over, not only unity of self, but also of all others around us. This is the meaning of Yoga. Through various asanas and mindful transitions, you will progress into this journey of self exploration.

Alex’s teaching is a combination of many styles, uniquely constructed for you to experience the right balance of openness, focus and playfulness. Expect some chanting, sweat, laughter and a few upside down moments.

Alex is a yoga teacher and a licensed medical doctor. 

Over the course of his apprenticeship, Alex developed his own way of teaching yoga, a non-rigid and modern form based on a scientific understanding of movement and of the body. His classes contain elements from many styles of yoga along with his unique touch of creativity and play. 

Alex uses his profound anatomical and physiological knowledge to adapt his guidance to the unique physiognomy of each of his students, herewith creating a safe environment for all to freely express their body wisdom through movement. 

Alex teaches workshops, trainings and festivals internationally. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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39, boulevard des Capucines 75002 Paris France.

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