Workshops with Mikael Kristiansen

Stage « débutants » 2 sessions de 3 heures
Samedi 27 avril 10h-13h
Dimanche 28 avril 10h-13h
Tarif: 170€

Stage « intermédiaires/avancés » 2 sessions de 3 heures
Samedi 27 avril 15h-18h
Dimanche 28 avril 15h-18h
Tarif: 170€

About me text:

Mikael Kristiansen is a circus artist educated at DOCH , Stockholm, who has been working internationally as a teacher and performer for over 10 years. Among others he has worked with companies such as 7 Fingers, Cirkus Cirkör and BattleRoyale.

He has also developed a lot of teaching practices for handbalancing through the years and runs the online teaching platform called Handstand Factory. He has taught workshops worldwide since 2010 and has taught full time in circus schools such as AMOC, Copenhagen, Codarts, Rotterdam and Acapa, Tillburg.

As a teacher, Mikael focuses on the relationship between biomechanics, individuals bodies and technique. While staying true to efficiency and useful technique, his research into handbalancing is directed towards individual differences both when it comes to bodies and learning strategies.

Beginner group:
For beginners (never stood on hands before) to a 8 – 10s freestanding handstand. 
The beginners group is focused on the basics to learn a two arm handstand. No previous experience with handbalancing is needed. The primary focus is to develop an understanding of the handstand technique and how to practice it efficiently. The goal is to teach the students how to train effectively by themselves with useful 
progressions and mindset.

This workshop is perfect for those who can not yet do a handstand and for those who can balance but need better technique and understanding. Specific strength, flexibility, shoulder, elbow and wrist preparation drills will also be covered in detail to provide for a safe and enjoyable learning process.

Intermediate/advanced group: 

For those who can balance a consistent 15-20 seconds handstand and all the way up to advanced 1 arm handstands

This category includes everything from 15-20s freestanding handstand, different handstand shapes and one arm handstands. The intermediate/advanced group is for those who have some control and experience in a handstand. Refining alignment, working with various leg positions and changing between shapes, practice towards press to handstand and the road towards one arm handstands will be covered.

There will be enough room for individual attention to work on your specific needs and goals as well as inspiration to try new things others might be working on.

Samedi 27 et dimanche 28 avril
10h-13h et 15h-18h

Tarif par stage: 170€

Tarif pour 2 stages (2*6 heures): 250€

Yoga Village: 155bis rue Cardinet 75017 Paris