“This studio is like a bubble in the center of the city” Airbnb local guide

Yoga Village Paris
Parole d’un expert local
This studio is like a bubble in the center of the city, with lots of natural light and a big window looking down onto boulevard des Capucines. They offer classes all day in different types of yoga: hatha, vinyasa, kundalini, Jivamukti, strala, and more. It can get crowded—especially the morning MySore practice and during lunch. Mats are free to borrow, but are kept in the front of the room away from the door. If you need to borrow one, try not to arrive late.


I am a yoga teacher known for organizing Yoga in the City, big yoga gatherings in unusual places like the Grand Palais. I also founded YUJ, the first French brand of yoga wear and a studio in the 7th arrondissement.
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Atelier Immersion avec Miguel Muzquiz 13 juillet


Immersion basée sur la pratique traditionnelle du Yoga pour developper et approfondir votre Sadhana (chemin spirituel) à travers un programme spécifique d’ Asana (posture), Pranayama (respiration), Kriyas (nettoyage), Mantra (chant) et Dhyana (Méditation). 
Si vous êtes un pratiquant régulier, l’immersion vous permettra de réviser vos connaissances pour une pratique quotidienne. Si vous êtes débutant cela sera l’occasion de vous familiariser les bases d’une pratique quotidienne régulière. 
Miguel Muzquiz, est un professeur de Yoga avec plus de 10 ans d’expérience et 800+ heures de formation.
Samedi 13 juillet 14h-16h30
Participation: 35€


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Workshops with Juan Gabriel July 21st

Evolution Vinyasa July 21th

Experience a full spectrum of Vinyasas using the evolutionary Prana Flow pathways of pulsing, body and rhythmic Vinyasas to stimulate energetic alignment and increase circulation throughout, as we serve the life-force in a balanced and cohesive way. By tapping into the wisdom of the body, we set in motion this evolution internally, as it is expressed externally with the breath and movement becoming one. In doing so we express and mirror the qualities of Prana Vayus, the all- pervading movement of energy enhancing your breath, heart and mind connection.
This progressive workshop includes Prana Vinyasa wave sequencing, core cultivation, deep restorative forward bends, liberating backbends, empowering arm balances sprinkled with movement meditation, pranayama and mudras. By working with kramas / different stages of evolution within asana this workshop is suitable for all yoga lovers and will leave you feeling inspired, uplifted and energised! https://puroyoga.be/profile/
Dimanche 21 juillet 14h30-17h
Participation: 40€
Réservation: contact@yogavillageparis.com

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40 Hour Advanced Teacher Training with Simon Park

Liquid Flow Yoga 40 Hour Advanced Teacher’s Training

Simon Park and Klara Puski

Refinement of Physical and Energetic Alignment inside of Flow Practice, the Art of Hands-On Assisting and Integrating the Spiritual Path Into your Teaching.
 Assisted by Klara Puski + very special musical guests, Simon Popp and Miriam Green.

From October 31 to November 4, 2019. 5 days.

“I think that teaching yoga techniques for the achievement of self-realization is one of the highest and holiest positions on this planet because self-knowledge is the highest knowledge. This knowledge is the real “power” that leads to enlightenment and world peace.” – Dharma Mittra.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga has the great potential to be taught as a complete practice: satisfying for the body and mind, creativity for the artist within, therapeutic and healing, and as a spiritual practice where the teacher has the ability to use their unique voice and experience to help each student explore their own spiritual path. In this advanced teacher training, we will explore teaching from a place of inspiration. Understand the skillful actions required to make each pose and entire practice come vibrantly to life. Through practice, visual assessment, and energetic hands-on assists, explore the principles that build the bridge from a foundational to advanced practice. We begin each day with an in-depth vinyasa flow practice infused with detailed physical and energetic alignment. In the second session, we will breakdown key poses and different parts of the practice in a workshop style to refine our embodiment and teaching. Integrate Vinyasa Krama: practice linking poses intelligently, grouping small groups of postures toward peak poses, and opening different parts of the body for deeper postures. Discussion of sequencing will include building toward peak poses and focusing within asana families such as standing poses, arm balances, inversions and backbends.

Gain a better understanding of the Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Vinyasa systems. We will examine how the universal principles and the unique wisdom of each style, can greatly enhance our overall understanding of balance and energy flow. Thus, we enter into a more knowledgeable place to teach and assist students in a wholistic way. Ultimately, we must make the teachings alive, as we adapt our teaching towards the unique needs of each student. Learn to develop yoga classes and privates for different demographics / abilities / needs of your students, integrating a deeper understanding of alignment, to help your students safely grow in their practice. The immersion is designed for teachers from all traditions of yoga and experienced practitioners.

Finally, we will explore linking the physical practice with the spiritual path through the introduction of yogic themes and dharma talks. The conscious action to create the space for others to explore their spirituality within the asana practice is perhaps the most difficult bridge to pass in your teaching career. Yet, it may be the most most important; allowing students to pass from a physical place to a direct experience of their own divinity. The spiritual pathway is individual, personal and sacred. It is a path to self-realization. It is an art to be able to share from your experiences.. not as it relates to you, but as it pertains to your students.

Become dedicated to moving away from scripted teaching toward observation and creative artistry.. the process of becoming absolutely present with your students. Simon has over 20 years of study, practice, and assisting with Shiva Rea, Maty Ezraty, Richard Freeman, and Dharma Mittra, and draws wisdom and inspiration from their teachings.

Topics to be explored:
• Dynamic, fluid and precise Vinyasa Flow practice: detailed physical and energetic alignment, creative transitions, progressive vinyasa krama sequencing building towards intermediate and advanced asanas.
• Energetic Alignment: finding the skillful inner actions  that help the body / mind focus, evolve and change. Artful Integration of Breath, Bandha, and Drishti into practice and teaching.
• Learn precise and therapeutic assists for students of all levels: be guided by principles of visual assessment, understanding healthy patterns of movement and finding balancing actions.
• Practice and Teach Pranayama + Meditation
• Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage-based assists
• Working therapeutically with common injuries and limitations by adapting postures with better alignment, use of props and hands-on assists.
• Theming and Integrating Yogic principles into your teaching.

Simon Park began his Yoga journey in 1995 with Shiva Rea in the World Arts and Cultures Department at UCLA. Later acclaimed by Yoga Journal as “one of the most influential and gifted Yoga teachers of the next generation”, he has been leading workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats around the world since 2002. His free-style Vinyasa is fluid, intuitive, and encourages freedom through self-expression. Profoundly influenced by the teachings of Shiva Rea, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Joan White, and Dharma Mitra, ‘Liquid Flow Yoga’ feels like a beautiful dance between classical and modern Yoga. Dubbed the “Flying Nomad”, he draws inspiration from road legends such as Jimi Hendrix, who said, “the Earth is my home”.

Klara Puski is an advanced certified Jivamuki teacher based in Paris. Dancing since the age of five, she was always fascinated by the physical body & movement she completed her education at the Hungarian Dance Academy in classical ballet in Budapest and continued to work as a professional dancer. Then in early 2013 she tried Jivamukti Yoga in Munich which was a transformational discovery in which she happily remains immersed. By May 2014, she completed her teacher training in New York, with Jivamukti Yoga founders Sharon Gannon and David Life, mentored by Giselle Mari. Since returning Klara has been leading classes around different studios in Paris. She feels blessed to be able to teach and equally sees it as an opportunity to serve, share and learn. The last years she has been studying with incredible teachers like Dona Holleman, Maty Ezraty, Simon Park and Krista Cahill.

Finding an honest space through intelligent sequencing is what yoga represent for her.  Creating a deeper connection with the present moment and allow ourselves to pause to reflect is what fascinates her. Feeling the moment in it’s depth to create a transformation.

“All of these practices lead us to the realization that this physical vehicle is “just that”, to carry the eternal spirit , which is the eternal piece that is life itself, and we all have that, all living things have it , the question is how do we recognize that we are all the same? How to honour myself the same way as I honour all living beings around?  We all do the best we can while we are here”

Frais d’inscription: 600€ early bird (avant le 31 juillet 2019) ou 750€ en 3 chèques.
Informations&reservations: contact@yogavillageparis.com
La formation aura lieu dans un studio lumineux, rue de la Folie Méricourt 75011 Paris. Métro République.
Les horaires seront les suivants : 8h30-12h30 et 14h-17h

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Atelier Iyengar avec Katia Seddiki 9 juin

Venez travailler les postures avant avec Katia Seddiki, avec la méthode Iyengar
Les postures avant apaisent le cerveau et le cœur !
L’agitation intérieure diminue lorsque les nerfs se calment et une sensation de fraîcheur remplace l’énervement, l’anxiété et la fatigue.
Ces postures relâchent et tonifient les organes de l’abdomen tout en développant une conscience aiguisée de la colonne vertébrale.
Pour obtenir les effets escomptés, l’arrière des jambes aura été assoupli par les postures debout.
Katia est une professeure certifiée yoga Iyengar.

Dimanche 9 juin 15h15-17h30
participation: 35€
Réservation: contact@yogavillageparis.com

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Atelier Chakra Yoga & Sound avec Marie Milla 22 juin

Atelier Chakra Yoga & Sound avec Marie Milla
Du son au silence… harmonisation des chakras et voix du coeur.
Venez explorer et harmoniser vos chakras lors de cet atelier combinant asanas et bain sonore d’harmonisation énergétique.
Lors de la séance d’asanas en première partie, vous préparerez votre corps par le mouvement et les postures, comme une guitare qu’on accorde, corde après corde, chakra après chakra…
Puis, allongés sur le tapis, vous vous laisserez envelopper, traverser, harmoniser par les sons et les vibrations des bols tibétains et instruments vibratoires que Marie Milla jouera pour vous avec amour, douceur et bienveillance.
Bols tibétains, gong vibratoire, tambour chamanique, flûte amérindienne, carillons… vous emmèneront en voyage, au pays de votre intériorité, et vous permettront d’accéder au silence du mental, pour mieux entendre la voix de votre cœur.
Chaque cellule du corps et du cerveau profite de cette harmonisation osmotique, entre en vibration et se détend jusqu’à un profond état de lâcher prise et de relaxation libératrice.
Tous niveaux bienvenus.
Samedi 22 juin 14h-16h15
Participation: 35€
Réservation: contact@yogavillageparis.com

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